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The display of VAT has changed on our website Tsume-art. By now, the prices are indicated excluding VAT on the product sheets. The tax, relating to the country of receipt, will be added to the amount of the product before payment, once the item has been inserted into the shopping cart and the delivery address entered. When purchasing, you will therefore see the final price of the product, including VAT.


According to new EU customs regulations, in exceptional cases, you may be required to pay VAT upon receipt of your order, under the laws of your country. In this case, please contact our support service in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid as VAT.

Cyril answers a few questions!

It's been some weeks (some may say some months) since I've taken time to talk directly to you. So here is my answers to several topics that are on my mind lately.

1/Increasing communication about every production step

You'll be notified at each step of the productions through your account, through our website as well as on FB and on our Blog. Release dates on each step will be permanently updated. We'll work hard to release the products earlier. I will go in person to check everything in our factories, but you have to be aware that, even we are now quite experienced in manufactures and with the constant presence of our team in China, we are not able to guarantee you an accurate release date. If it appears that the quality doesn?t meet our standards or if the factory accumulates months late, we will have no other choice than to delay the release. Here are some productions pictures of Shiryu and Raoh !

2/After-sales service will be run through our website

It will be easier for all of us. We are thinking of very simple process for you to add your pictures and explain your problems. This system will allow us to enlarge our team in order to be more efficient and more reactive to your inquiries. At this time, our system is not made for so many demands. So we need to move on that very fast.

3/ Professional accounts will be opened through our website

The only way to propose our products is, at this time, to contact us by email or phone. We?re considering other possibilities which will be implemented by 2016.

4/ Team expand with 3 new persons to increase our reactivity on replies

Last but not least, we are aware that many of you are waiting replies from us on various topics. I can assure you that we are working very hard on this matter, and that we are really sorry for asking you more time. We are doing our best with the tools we currently use. Well, this is all I can say for the moment but, be sure that we are doing everything we can to make things right as fast as possible. Thank you for your ever growing support. It means the world to me! Cyril Marchiol

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