Good evening all,

In order to cope with the present situation resulting from the Covid-19 - Coronavirus crisis and in compliance with the resulting government directives, the company Tsume made the decision to stop its shipments for an indefinite period.

This concerns not only the dispatch of our products but also the treatment of after-sales service.

In fact, our logistics partner , handling storage and preparation of shipments was requisitioned by the Luxembourg government in order to dispatch essential medical supplies across the various centers of the country. This measure is of course a priority and we do have to support them.

The whole Tsume team is currently mobilized to find the most suitable solutions for this exceptional situation. We will of course keep you informed of the latest developments, whether through our social networks or via a newsletter.

All the Tsume team wish you and your loved ones courage to get through this difficult period as well as possible.

We also wish to demonstrate our support for to the health personnel who are at the front line facing this crisis.

Wish you good health and take care of yourselves,

Tsume Team

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