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China Part.7 / Production Update


Part of the team was in China to control our ongoing productions. Many of you requested news from Broly, we went back to the factory in order to check the corrections of the project.

Son Goku's position, which was leaning on the side, has been adjusted:

We have revised Broly's teeth. We try to push the QC to pay attention to the smallest details. The energy ball has also been reworked on so that the inclusion of the forearm is cleaner. We are very happy with the result, the color is closer to what we wanted (however, you should know the room has green curtains in it, so the color balance of our photos may be slightly off, and it may slightly differ from what you see in real.)!


QC Area

Apart from the productions, our trip was also an opportunity to check the set up of our brand new QC Area.

We've been talking about it for a while now, we're working with an exclusive partner who serve different roles: keeping us informed about productions progress, organizing the daily QC of our products, but also managing our own production lines. 

We took advantage of our visit to discover our partner's new offices. We also organised team meetings to optimise everything and train the teams.

We could see the difference compared to our January 2018's trip, and we are delighted with the efforts put in place: new space, new equipment, we were able to control some production pieces in our own QC area.

Production update

7 days on site, 7 blog posts, the story comes to an end. The trip was unfortunately of short duration. We could not get an update on all our products, but don't worry: a new trip is planned in two months, before the summer. We will come back to you with images of all HQS and HQS+ that have not been shown yet. :)

Many questions about the SC, XTRA and HQF are asked on social network services, we will communicate about them on time. Please keep in mind that for these ranges, we will not show anything before having a final factory product.

Regarding shippings, the last pieces of Goku, Aiolos, Vegeta, Adolf and Genos for Asian customers are being delivered.

The previously published schedule has not changed. Please note that the first shipments are generally destined to Asia, to ensure there is no bad feedbacks before shipping containers to Europe.

A more complete update regarding shippings for 2020 will be published after our next trip to China. Thank you for your understanding.

See you soon !

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