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The display of VAT has changed on our website Tsume-art. By now, the prices are indicated excluding VAT on the product sheets. The tax, relating to the country of receipt, will be added to the amount of the product before payment, once the item has been inserted into the shopping cart and the delivery address entered. When purchasing, you will therefore see the final price of the product, including VAT.


According to new EU customs regulations, in exceptional cases, you may be required to pay VAT upon receipt of your order, under the laws of your country. In this case, please contact our support service in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid as VAT.


Part of the team was in China to control our ongoing productions. We will post regular updates on the blog to share with you what we checked there.

A  complete production update will be published later this month. If we didn't mention some products yet, don't  worry, they will come up in another post.

Please note that all photos are shared for illustration purpose only. Colors aren't necessarily truthful to the products, due to the light of the room they were taken in, and the camera we used. :)

For the time being, the team has been able to check the following products in factory:


Everything is in progress, readjustments have been requested to correct some details and refine others, especially on the energy ball of the King of Destruction version which requires a lot of engineering work to ensure clean finishes and a diffused glow !

We were able to check the production progress.

The first production wave is planned for an arrival in June at our warehouse, meaning the first shippings are still planned for July.


The factory Mastertool is in progress. Our factories always works with a reference, in this case this is our Masterpaint. 


Production is progressing well. Some readjustments were asked to improve the statue, and the first wave will leave the factory by the end of this month.


  • Our partners in charge of our QC area in China have recently moved in a new office. More room to stock the products and organise the control ; new material and a stronger team to handle the corrections if needed. We hope to be able to show you their work soon.
  • In the process of constantly improve the overall quality of our products, we are performing tests in order to review the accessories: lithography, cardboard, … We foresee some changes on this side as well.
  • Our PVC ranges will come back soon: we are visiting new factories for future SC productions, which will come in a new form. Patience!

Finally, if you want to see more, we warmly recommand you to follow us on Instagram. Our boss may share some stories with you… :)

See you soon!

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