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Natsu is a Dragon Hunter. He has been raised by the Fire Dragon Ignir and has been taught by him the magical skills he knows. Since his master/adoptive father has disappeared, Natsu is seeking him all around the world. He was then hired by the Fairy Tail guild where he made a lot of friends. He met Happy during his training in the forest. 

Natsu is facing with the same strong look he always has. His right fist, raised at the level of his face carries the flames of the fire magic Natsu masters.

This figure, with the one of Gajil, makes the opening duo of our new collection of High Quality Figures in PVC: HQF. 

Natsu's sculpt is full of details and his pose is highly dynamic. The whole is emphasized by a very vivid set of colors. The flame of the antic magic on his hand is made of translucent PVC.


Each of our HQF by Tsume figures is displayed on a black base and a plate with the character's name written. Moreover, each base has a sticker with the symbol of the character's guild.

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